Rates and Services:


My signature massage will treat your personal needs using a variety of therapeutic techniques known as Integrative Massage to provide deep relaxation and relief of tired, sore muscles. Available in 60, 75, 90 minute, and 2 hour increments. 

  30 minute treatment is $25.00

  60 minute treatment is $55.00
  75 minute treatment is $70.00
  90 minute treatment is $85.00
  2 hour treatment is $115.00   

Firmer pressure reaching all five layers and slower strokes combined are highly effective methods utilized in this massage to relieve chronic patterns of tension, that create painful conditions and structural misalignment.  

  60 minute treatment is $65.00 

Lomi Lomi is a unique healing massage derived from the ancient Polynesians and more specifically the master healers of Hawaii, it is a gently flowing massage with spiritual elements incorporated to create "Huna" which means harmony. (*clients are completely draped). 

  60 minute treatment is $65 


Designed to nurture both baby and mother, this massage helps relax, reduce anxiety, relieve discomfort from sciatica/ hips, and helps with swollen hands/feet. The massage involves side-lying with special prenatal massage cushions to best provide comfort for mommy and baby.

  60 minute treatment is $50.00

90 minute treatment is $80.00


Craniosacral therapy is a holistic healing practice that uses very light touching to balance the craniosacral system in the body, which includes the bones, nerves, fluids, and connective tissues of the cranium and spinal area. (*may be added to massage and includes card reading). 

20 minute treatment is $15

Oracle card reading is $20



The Thai method uses point pressure, muscle stretching and compression, done in a rhythmic movement of gentle rocking. In Thai massage it is not just the hands that are used to free tension from the client's body, but the therapist’s feet, forearms, knees, and elbows as well. It is applied on a mat on the floor. The work is done fully clothed and no oils are required. Thai medical massage can move deeper into the mechanical functions of the body, working with deep muscle tension and joint mobility as well as nerve, muscle and ligament balancing.


        90 minute minimum treatment is $80

        2 hour treatment is $110






Rehabilitative massage techniques utilized in the treatment of injuries. Treating major muscles in segments and identifying precise locations of muscular attachments and bony landmarks using specific techniques to release any tension from trigger points.

These massage techniques are done in packages of 5 to allow the most effective treatment for healing.  (72hours before you can work on an injury and/or provide doctors note. Cannot recieve treatment after surgery until 6 weeks after surgery or doctors note)


      5 massage package treatment is $300

      7 massage package treatment is $420

      9 massage package treatment is $540



  $1 per Minute (30 minute minimum booking)


Gentle flowing chair massage with the Lomi Lomi touch incorporated. Also includes opening of the Pineal Gland. 

  $1 per minute (30 minute minimum booking)

**Chair Massage is also available for special events! Please contact me with details at bodyworkzmassages@gmail.com

** $5 OFF - Discount for: Military, Fire Fighters, Police Officers, and Highway Patrol.

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